Abstinence based sex education programs in Montana

There are NO laws that prevent sex ed in Montana from promoting religion and the information taught is NOT required to be medically accurate, age appropriate, or inclusive of sexual orientation and gender minorities.

Liberals argue that failing to teach about it ensures more unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. While the American public is demanding ways to tackle teen pregnancy and other issues such as unhealthy relationships, 4 the federal government is reducing access to critical intervention tools—an important one being comprehensive sex education.

The program represented a shift in thinking by the federal government, away from an ideological approach and toward an evidence-based one but allowing for a variety of methods — even abstinence-only — to coexist. Four researchers teamed up to look at the relationship between teen birth rates and federal funding for two types of sex education program — one that teaches abstinence until marriage and one that takes a more comprehensive approach.

Many schools and community groups have adopted programming that incorporates abstinence from sexual activity as an approach to reduce teen pregnancy and STI rates. The topic of abstinence-only education is controversial in the United States, with proponents claiming that comprehensive sex education encourages premarital sexual activity, and critics arguing that abstinence-only education is religiously motivated and that the approach has been proven ineffective and even detrimental to its own aims.

State sex education standards in public schools vary widely. Journal of Adolescent Health. New York, NY: Routledge. With PREP, both abstinence and contraception are supposed to be emphasized. Retrieved

Думаю, abstinence based sex education programs in Montana

Journal of Health Communication. American Journal of Public Health. Lay summary — Guttmacher Institute March 8, Abstinence-only education is not supported by the majority of public school teachers, parents, and students. Rhode Island, 9 West Virginia, 10 and the District of Columbia 11 provide clear and detailed state standards that address aspects of sexual health and clearly categorize topic areas by age group.

The United States leads the world in teen pregnancy rates and teen birth rates. It does so with certain guidelines and restrictions on the recipients. Educational Theory.

Since the program began, the teenage birthrate has dropped more than 40 percent. Journal of Marriage and Family , These programs teach students about abstinence in addition to a range of topics, including contraception, sexual health and how to handle unwanted sexual advances.

Respondents also were asked about the form of birth control they used the last time they had sex. While Hawaii, 12 Maine, 13 Maryland, 14 New Mexico, 15 North Carolina, 16 and Vermont 17 do not specify such curriculum requirements, they have recently changed their health standards to address either consent or healthy relationships.

But the results indicate these programs might increase STD rates in states with relatively small populations.

Abstinence based sex education programs in Montana

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