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Meanwhile, the prosecution does everything possible to oppose the trial being delayed in order to disadvantage the defense. Following the Article 32 hearing, and in exchange for an involuntary separation, the Government agreed to dismiss all charges and specifications.

Represented service members charged with DUI. Captain dentist is accused of the possession of illegal drugs, false official statement and the solicitation of others to distribute unlawfully prescribed drugs.

Please enter the security code above to prove you are a human. November 25,U. O Army officer charged with wrongful sexual contact and assault and battery. In turn, despite having a drafted, prepared Charge Sheet, the Marine Corps agrees to drop all charges. Gapasin to represent him with either moving forward with NJP or opting for a court-martial.

He and a fellow Airman are accused of these charges by a civilian female whom they met while at the casino. Client was also accused of sexually harassing a Specialist while on TDY.

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Defense Leaves No Stone Unturned. At trial, Gapasin cross-examines the alleged victim, revealing her misperception of events and her motives for reporting the incident as rape, even though she apparently consents to losing her virginity. Instead, Freeburg advises his client to decline negotiations and take an aggressive posture.

She then returned to law enforcement to pick him out of the lineup. O Air Force officer charged with abusive sexual contact, stalking, aggravated assault. Staff Sergeant advises his JAG lawyers to request the cell phone for analysis, however, no such discovery requests are made.

Prior to an Article 39 a motions hearing, Gapasin recognizes flaws in the charge sheet but refrains from filing motions on that specific issue in order to prevent the Government from perfecting the charges.

He was accused of aggravated sexual assault against a female E-3 who was allegedly substantially incapacitated due to alcohol. However, following extensive discovery and expert witness demands, and after Freeburg aggressively challenges the prosecution on various fronts, the Government instead offers the client an administrative separation instead of proceeding to a court-martial trial.

Her testimony was evasive and revealed a lack of credibility. Government subsequently proceeds to initiate show cause board to separate Officer but Officer requests an Honorable discharge rather than proceed with the Show Cause Board.

Chat roulette sex offender in El Paso

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