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Find out which scene classic best fits your zodiac sign August 31, But Digital Resistance just sounds like the band isn't trying. Mike Scalzi, for all that wild haired, foul smelling brilliance he emanated in the band's early days, simply doesn't try to write songs anymore.

It's been something in the pipeline for a while, and I really shouldn't be too horribly surprised at this, but it's still very disappointing to say: Slough Feg's ninth album, Digital Resistanceis kinda shitty. Digital Resistance is like a very perplexing interpretive dance routine where the performer twists himself like Voldo and pops water balloons filled with jelly with a tack taped onto his penis to a with a look of dead-eyed blankness on his face to a soundtrack of utter silence before bowing out to an empty auditorium.

The second reason is much more technic: sometimes, I do not review bad albums simply because I have nothing to say about them. The Americana-like mood in "Habea Corpsus" can please in the first time, before realising that it doesn't change at all the whole song long and that drive like i do sex acoustic in Slough bands that sound more rockabilly, more psychedelic, just like Ghoultown, do the same but in a way better shape.

The band doesn't feel like they're trying at all, instead just half-heartedly recording every half baked idea that pops into their heads without refining them or making them coherent in any way. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

Yes, I'm fully aware that Scalzi is indeed an old man now and will never recapture the lofty ambition of Traveller or the drunken vibrancy of Twilight of the Idols again.

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I don't even know how to describe this, honestly. The problem is that every other track on the album is just It's like every song is "Troll Pack" from Down Among the Deadmen , except that track was a neat diversion on that album since it was one song. A lot of the guitar work feels stock, essentially atypical Slough Feg riffs, as well as some vocal lines which feel a little recycled.

There's also a lot of old-school Sabbath referencing here. Really though, Digital Resistance is basically the further extension of their dusty, Thin Lizzy styled approach that they cracked wide open with The Animal Spirits , although maybe not as endearing.

Drive like i do sex acoustic in Slough

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