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As he then understood events, as always through the lens of the biblical prophets, the group was to come out and be revealed to the world. Koresh and his followers out of the complex without violence, regardless of the time or expense. Who or what caused the fire on April 19 remains a matter of controversy.

The authors address the accusations of illegal weapons possession, strange sexual practices, and child abuse that were made against David Koresh and his followers.

gender sex prediction in Waco

Preface Acknowledgments 1. Their findings are presented in this critically important book. I will demand the first manuscript of the Seals be given to you [Dick DeGuerin]. According to the book of Revelation, only one person can open this book, a figure called "the Lamb," whom Christians have always understood to be Jesus of Nazareth.

This written Revelation of the Seven Seals will not be sold, but is to gender sex prediction in Waco available to all who wish to know the Truth. James D.

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Chicago: University of Chicago Press, The only effective way to communicate with Koresh was within the biblically based apocalyptic "world" he inhabited, taking advantage of the inherent flexibility that the situation at Mount Carmel presented.

Using the events at Mount Carmel as a cautionary tale, the authors challenge all Americans, including government officials and media representatives, to closely examine our national commitment to religious freedom. As the FBI itself later noted, "Koresh had made no threats, set no deadlines, and made no demands.

I will gender sex prediction in Waco the first manuscript of the Seals be given to you [Dick DeGuerin]. On Friday, March 19, a significant event occurred that the group interpreted as the sign for which they had been waiting.

David Thibodeau, who was inside, remembers that this program created a very favorable response. This was clearly Koresh's primary theme. From the theological perspective of the Branch Davidians, his message was highly systematic, rigidly consistent, and internally "logical"; to those unfamiliar with the prophetic portions of the Bible, however, the message, delivered in his typical nonstop style with lengthy quotations from the King James Version, surely must have seemed nonsensical.

Koresh had told his followers that, as the final Christ figure, he would inevitably be required, at some point, to die in a battle. He answered emphatically, "My friend, it was unnecessary. The pattern was that the FBI would demand that Koresh send out some of his people, the demand would be rejected, and the government would then retaliate with punitive measures.

Gender sex prediction in Waco

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