Haru adorable sex makoto fic in Shavinigan

At this point, Haruka was throbbing. Haru grabbed Mako's wrist and finally realised just how zoned-out he had been. He collapses onto the larger boy, vaguely feeling Makoto pound into him a bit more as though to hold onto the last vestiges of pleasure before he becomes too sensitive to even move.

Haruka pulled himself out of bed and wobbled over to the container. Haru just stares up at him, apathetic, from under sleepy lashes.

Of course, Makoto already knows this and uses it to his advantage. The moan went straight to Haru's member. Rei has covered his ears completely and is curled up on his side in a far corner. It had been a normal weekend and Makoto had informed Haruka that he would be coming over that afternoon to perhaps play some video games or go for a swim and spend some time on the beach.

What have I become, truly?! His hips were raised in the air, one hand stroking his hardened cock while the other was positioned at his raised ass, three slicked fingers thrusting in and out of his hole. Even though this is not the first time they've done this, the first wave of friction makes him sigh heavily, sounding like a half-moan when it escapes his lips.

Haru adorable sex makoto fic in Shavinigan понимаю

He runs his heated palms up the expanse of Haru's slender lovehandles, feeling the way that lithe body shifts under the influence of his practised thrusts. He rests a comforting hand right below Haru's chest, and waits patiently for an answer.

Just as Makoto had managed to take off his shirt, Haru did something even more shocking. He closed his eyes with concentration, trying to ignore his own hard-on, only to flutter them open once again since he missed the sight of Haruka's visage.

Mako pulled away, panting and blushing. Nagisa glances at the beads of sweat practically showering down Rei's face and neck and decides to make the first crack. Rated M.

And that was just as clear now. They continued kissing, increasingly intense. Haruka was in love with Rin and Makoto knew it. He languidly licks the expanse of Makoto's palm, all the way from the wrist to the cleft between his fingers.

He wasn't without pleasure though, Makoto's erotic moans maid him crazy, and his lover made a purpose of scratching his shoulder blades.

Haru adorable sex makoto fic in Shavinigan

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  • May 14,  · musical prodigy!Haru; Makoto gets all observant; makoharu fluff; Summary. Haru is a famous pianist and one day during a recital, he randomly decided to dedicate the song from their childhood to Makoto. Needless to say, the press had gone wild with the identity of Nanase Haruka's sunshine. [short story - fluffy MakoHaru fic] Language: English. Nov 24,  · “Yes.” Haru doesn’t even blink. He sounds so sure and convincing that Makoto would’ve believed him, if he didn’t know firsthand that it’s not true. “Oh yeah? Taken by who?” Makoto has a very bad feeling about this. “Haru—” “Me.” What. Language: English Words: 13, Chapters: 6/6 Comments: Kudos: Bookmarks.
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  • "why isnt there a 'spoiled rich kid with a big ass pool!Haru and poor but honest and really hot pool cleaner!Makoto' AU fic like am i the only one who thinks this soap opera scenario would work" -prompt from punkrockthorin. Rich kid!Haru x pool boy!Makoto, featuring art by dnything. A god Ren has never met, offered her a new deal - she’ll make the perfect world, Morgana is human and lives under Sojiro, Ann is happy and free from Kamoshida, Shiho isn’t being abused, Ryuji is the track start and the track team is still going, Yusuke lives with his mother, Makoto is free form adults control, Futaba’s mother is still.
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  • Haru enters a pet store to buy the usual cat food but he's no match for the charm of Makoto - a brand representative there to market a brand of food Haru's cat won't eat. Weakened by Makoto's smile, Haru buys the other food. He returns weekly to check in on the salesman. Soon Makoto knows much about Haru's cat but almost nothing about Haru. Ever since then Makoto feels like Haru is slipping through his fingers. Makoto will do anything to get Haru back to being his and only his. Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Romance - Haruka N., Makoto T. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2, - Reviews: 22 - Favs: - Follows: 43 - Updated: 5/15/ - Published: 8/23/ - id:
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