India sex trade documentary in Newmarket

And the youngest girls are the most vulnerable. On the streets of Kamathipura, it's no challenge for Aronson to find sex workers to talk with. To protect the women from violent customers, police introduced bars to the windows and doors of brothels in the s.

Desi News March 1, Shown at human trafficking conferences, Girl Up underscores the reality that human india sex trade documentary in Newmarket is not something happening on distant shores. Guddi's sad and harrowing story is similar to many of the estimated 20, sex workers in Kamathipura, established over years ago during colonial rule as one of Mumbai's "comfort zones" for British soldiers.

Comments 57 Share what you think. Movies I've Seen. According to official statistics, police only handled human trafficking cases nationwide in Casey Allred : Producer Casey started in international development at the age of 19 years old leading others in life changing activities for two years residing in Albania.

August 22, Mumbai bank offers sex workers hope.

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The girls tell their stories india sex trade documentary in Newmarket fathers and uncles who sold them, madams who held them hostage. British photojournalist Hazel Thompson has spent the last decade documenting the lives of girls trafficked into India's thriving sex industry.

Rama says one way to do it is to legalize prostitution, so there would be regulations. Almost 60 years later, there were only two, with Kamathipura being the largest. Although haunted by their memories, the Sanlaap girls are at least now far from the red-light districts from which they were rescued.

This is just a start as a lot of work still needs to be done.

  • Not Rated 23 min Short, Drama.
  • Human trafficking is a global problem, shackling 35 million people worldwide to lives that they do not choose. According to calculations from the Walk Free Foundation, an Australian non-profit, 14 million of these modern slaves are held captive in India.
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  • By Tom Gillespie TomGillespie1. The seedy world of Sonagachi in Kolkata, India, is swamped with hundreds of multi-storey brothels, housing roughly 14, prostitutes from all over India.
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We all bleed the same blood and even though the survivors in my film is not the same race as them, they felt for her like she was their own daughter. Most of their families won't take them back after they've worked as prostitutes, but Sanlaap attempts to give them hope for some sort of a future.

I also went to the government hospitals and saw terminally ill children waiting with their parents for days on the steps of the hospital to be treated. There were a couple of translators there but they decided to watch the documentary fully first and then translate and discuss after.

The year-old photographer was able to gain access to this secret world after reaching out to Bombay Teen Challenge, a charity consisting of former sex workers and pimps who for more than 20 years have been rescuing and rehabilitating women working in Kamathipura.

India sex trade documentary in Newmarket

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