Red back salamander sex difference in Canterbury

Lee, L. Turtle assemblages in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia with an emphasis on the distribution of Pseudemys rubriventris. Socioecology of a terrestrial salamander: Juveniles enter adult territories during stressful foraging periods.

red back salamander sex difference in Canterbury

In the "redback" phase they have a gray or black body with a straight-edged red or orange stripe down the back, extending from the neck to the tail. Courtship pheromones: evolution by natural and sexual selection. A leucistic Plethodon cinereus from West Virginia. New York: Wiley; 93—

Red back salamander sex difference in Canterbury

There are several possible explanations for our observation that juvenile Plethodon cinereus were significantly underrepresented within meadow habitats. Habitat The eastern red-backed salamander is most commonly observed in deciduous or mixed forests but may also be found in cool, moist white pine or hemlock forests.

Received 07 Mar Because of these requirements, many species are associated with microhabitat characteristics indicative of mature and late-successional forests [ 24 ]. Concurrently, opportunities to employ silvopastures and other agroforestry systems are increasing in the region [ 9 ].

A prolonged mating season lasts from autumn to early spring. When skewed sex ratios have been reported for woodland salamanders, typically they have been biased in favor of males [ 49 — 51 ]. Because weight increases with age, the process error around the weight-length relationships is multiplicative, not additive.

View at: Google Scholar B. A study on the origin, population size, and natural history of the eastern six-lined racerunner, Aspidoscelis s. Biological Evaluation.

Red back salamander sex difference in Canterbury

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  • Physical condition of salamanders was not significantly different among the four habitats. Furthermore, adult sex ratios of P. cinereus typically were not significantly. Eastern Red-backed Salamander, Red-backed Salamander, (Northern Plethodon cinereus has been shown to harbor different species of bacteria on its skin that scores than uninfected salamanders (even after accounting for gender​).
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  • (tail fat) of museum specimens of Red-backed Salamanders, Plethodon cinereus, at low and high elevations to test how altitudinal differences affected resource allocation We used two-way ANCOVA to test the effects of elevation and sex on tail fat while region of the vasa deferentia (Canterbury and Pauley, ). Life History and Ecology of the Southern Redback Salamander, Plethodon serratus, However, detectable differences between these two clutch size measures and We recorded the sex (juveniles were categorized as any individual ≤31 mm ;Angle, ;Peacock and Nussbaum, ;​Canterbury and Pauley.
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  • Snout-vent length (SVL) variation of Plethodon cinereus in different states Plethodon cinereus, the Eastern Red-backed Salamander, is a small terrestrial species Sayler () found no statistical sexual dimorphism in SVL-p (snout-​vent length; the adopted here is similar to Canterbury and Pauley () who studied. Recent work suggests the existence of sex pheromones (Kikuyama et al., ; Pearl et al., ; Some frogs are ecologically similar to salamanders whose refined abilities to Subjects did not spend different amounts of time on their own paper towel versus Territorial pheromones of female red-backed salamanders.
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