Same sex marriage ban hurts economy in Cincinnati

Supreme Court heard long-awaited arguments on four cases related to same-sex marriage. Hawley R. At the federal level, since the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act DOMAemployers were already required to provide benefits for both opposite sex and same sex married couples and their children.

On Top Magazine. Besides, she said, nine of the 19 states that now permit same-sex marriage do so because of "judicial decisions, both state and federal. The justices could decide by mid-October whether the Supreme Court will take one of those cases. She joined Reinhardt's opinion in the juror-discrimination case.

As the dominoes fall in favor of same-sex marriages, the question now seems to be which state will be the last to allow such unions? Instead, each state faced slightly different challenges filed by same-sex couples, including the right to adopt children as a couple, to have their names placed on a partner's death certificate and to have their marriages — performed legally elsewhere — recognized in the states they call home, where same-sex marriage is illegal.

Now, I don't think they have a choice," Tobias said. Cook, both of whom were appointed by President George W.

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The Office of Management and Budget touches every spending and policy decision in the federal government," while President Bush expressed his confidence in the nominee, "The job of OMB director is a really important post and Rob Portman is the right man to take it on.

We've got to produce more [oil], we've got to produce it here at home to get away from the OPEC cartel. The Huffington Post. June 26, For more information, see our page on filing a complaint.

Sun Journal. As Trade Representative, Portman initiated trade agreements with other countries, and pursued claims at the World Trade Organization. For example, they may need to spend money on accountants and lawyers to give themselves and their children some of the custody, wealth transfer, and other rights and privileges married couples automatically enjoy.

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Same sex marriage ban hurts economy in Cincinnati

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