Same sex parents study australia in Mackay

J Marriage Fam. Paediatric quality of life instruments: a review of the impact of the conceptual framework on outcomes. FactCheck : is having a mum and a dad the very best thing for a child? Do same-sex couples have un stable relationships?

Simons, Ronald L. Yet this is a factor which is surely amenable to treatment.

same sex parents study australia in Mackay

The health perspectives of Australian adolescents from same-sex parent families : a mixed methods study. In particular, children raised in lone-parent families have been found, on average, to do less well across a range of measures of wellbeing than their peers in two-parent families, while parental separation has been found to be associated with an array of adverse outcomes for children.

What does seem clear is that there is no definitive or compelling evidence showing children raised by same-sex couples are not at least doing as well as children raised by heterosexual couples. Dawson, Deborah A. These passwords will only be known to two researchers.

Same sex parents study australia in Mackay

It draws on interviews with a small sample of women. Mitchell, Barbara A. A question that arises is whether these results reflect the fact that the process of parental separation can take place over a long period while some families break down quickly, often in spectacular ways with much heat, in other families the process is a longer and slower burnor whether they result from selection effects that is to say, some parents bring into a marriage a set of characteristics that are likely both to raise the possibility that the marriage will break down and to heighten the risk of adverse outcomes for their children.

The only tool to have been used widely, across differing research collaborations, is the Child Behavior Check List CBCL [ 35374344505157 ]. Morrison, Donna Ruane and Mary J. In light of the above research, its strengths and limitations, the questions that remain unanswered relate to understanding the multidimensional experience of physical, mental and social wellbeing of children with same-sex attracted parents, as well as the complexity of the family contexts and social and physical environments in which children are based.

Keith, V. Wolchik et al. Effects reported include adverse impacts on cognitive capacity Fergusson, Lynskey and Horwood , schooling Evans et al. Five mechanisms will be considered in the following discussion:. ED provided assistance with the study design, technical input on survey development, and contributed to draft of the manuscript.

Dunn et al.

Same sex parents study australia in Mackay

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