Single sex education debate uk in Townsville

But the study also shows that there is no clear advantage to co-education either. One American expert is set to tear apart arguments made by the likes of Sax. A major study to be published on Wednesday will conclude that there is no evidence that children achieve more at single-sex schools.

Our GDST girls have plenty of chances to meet and talk with boys outside the school day, and we include boys from local schools in drama productions, debates and various social events.

In the UK even those who do believe there are such differences do not think that means girls and boys should be educated separately. And since the point of school is to instill a good education within students, the fewer distractions are better.

And she's proud of who she is. In single sex schools you can give a better model to students and also arrange a better book and time only for sex. Girls' schools can make 'exaggerated claims' because of their excellent league table positions.

Read the arguments for and against.

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Do boys and girls benefit from being taught together? Richard Cairns: mixed schools are much kinder places. It in turn allows for free and open discussions in the classroom on topics specific to their gender, that may be inhibited were there the opposite sex present.

Topics UK news The Observer. The debate will rage on, with many still fighting to send their daughters and sons to single-sex schools, convinced that they are better.

By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our Privacy Policy unless you have disabled them. Sax thought not. Schools are listening. Instead, ability and social background drive results. Even in the independent sector, seen as the last bastion of segregated schooling, only 10 per cent of boys and 16pc of girls are now educated in single-sex schools.

Single sex education debate uk in Townsville

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