Strange sex laws still on the books in Exeter

These are just a few of the strange laws that many Canadians might be breaking and not even know. After a tragic dam burst in dam, one widow wrote to then-President Charles de Gaulle to ask if it were possible to still marry her now dead husband. We think you might also like.

Oh yes!

Thanks to a precocious 9-year-old boy, it's finally legal to throw snow balls in a Colorado town known for its snow. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Weirdly, you can buy a trailer camper but if your recreational vehicle can propel itself, you'll have to wait til Monday to sell it or, in fact, any motor vehicle. However, if the seller provides "appropriate authorization from a relevant business or unit of federal, state, or local government specifically authorizing the individual to conduct the transaction," then it's OK.

Maybe you're throwing snowballs, yelling at an umpire, or using high-tech equipment to make sure your shoes fit right.

Вами согласен. strange sex laws still on the books in Exeter

Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Although yes its probably an urban myth, good one though Antony, Leeds, UK did you hear the one about the man who insured a box of expensive cigars against damage including fire, then claimed on the insurance after smoking them? Phil Roberts — Sorry but the child falling over in furniture store case is an urban legend.

In Hartford, it's illegal to collect "rags, paper, glass, old metal, junk, cinders or other waste matter strange sex laws still on the books in Exeter the city" without a license, according to Municode. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Lol guys, Yes the name is real. Email address.

  • You go about your day trying to be a good citizen, but you have no idea how many laws you're probably breaking.
  • After scouring the internet and NC law documents, here are the top 10 most unusual laws I could find:.
  • United States.
  • What seems important to us now — so important that "there oughtta be a law" — may be moot or completely ridiculous in a few decades. Just ask whoever thought it was necessary to ban the consumption of frogs who die in frog-jumping competitions.
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Apparently your driver can't play music in a Finnish taxi. Video captures moment plane crashes into hangar. The judge, having been a son, allowed that the defense had erected a perfectly plausible defence.

Strange sex laws still on the books in Exeter

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