The best better than sex cake recipes in Sudbury

Grab a fork and dig in for some true decadence. I have made this cake several times using condensed milk and it is very good, I have also used butterscotch topping with the caramel sauce instead of condensed milk. I'd personally pour them separately easier, possibly more visually interesting but I think you can do it either way.

Please enable it and refresh the page to add a review. Yes, it's made from a bunch of mixes and cans and stuff that's not good for you and probably totally unnatural but if you want to hear ooooohs and ahhhhhs from everyone eating it with their eyes rolling back in their heads, then this is the dessert.

Dog that killed N. Then I would put the whipped topping on in the morning. Facebook Instagram Pinterest YouTube. So, my only complaint is about the directions. Or, how long can I make the complete cake including the cool whip topping and refrigerate prior to serving?

When I first started making this cake, that is all that I used. This post contains affiliate links.

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Please try again. Thank you! Jump to Recipe Pin Recipe. Get the latest lottery results here. Easy to make and really good to eat! I use German Choc Cake mix and I have never had it fail. Regional Radar.

  • The combination of rich ingredients produces a decadent, caramel-soaked cake that's sure to be a hit! Better-Than-Almost-Anything Cake.
  • For real.

Thank you for the recipe, my family loves it no matter what you call it! I pour that into the holes, all around the cake. It's up to you!

The best better than sex cake recipes in Sudbury

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