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Even if action was undertaken at national level in all EU Member States, it is very likely that differences would exist in the timing of the interventions i. Mr Lane. Excellent Orchestra. Options discarded at an early stage.

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There are also potential indirect effects of non-legislative action in so far as, in the absence of EU legislation, there are some indications that certain Member States may adopt national legislation that varies in specification from those already in place and adds to the emerging legal complexity in this aspect of the market.

Apply, r. The iodine value does not measure directly the level of trans fats and hence does not always imply a reliable trans fats result and can also vary depending on other technical parameters applied during the hydrogenation process, irrespective of the trans fats content. The primary concern raised in studies to date, and mentioned by interviewees of the ICF study, relates to the substitution of palm oil, a trans fats free, semi-solid fat, for partly hydrogenated oils, and the potential of increased palm oil production to cause deforestation.

Some qualitative evidence in relation to substitutes for partly hydrogenated oils and their environmental impacts collected by the external contractor is provided in Annex The food sector, in terms of number of businesses, is dominated by SMEs.

V power sex tea in St. Iasent

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